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Fast Payment System

XHK enables the Fast Payment System (FPS). It allows you to instantly transfer funds to your XHK account. Just enter the alias code, complete the transfer and your balance will update immediately.

BankFPS ID / alias codeAccepted currency
Bank of China160299418HKD or CNY

Benefits of FPS

The service offers these advantages among others:

1. No supporting documents required to confirm the deposit

2. The deposit will land in the system within a couple of minutes depending on the payment bank

3. FPS is available 24/7/365 including weekends and public holidays

With XHK, you can easily employ FPS and forget about extra communication or sending deposit proof to us.

Daily transfer limits

 HSBCBank of China


Here’s how you can send a deposit through FPS in HSBC and Bank of China.



  1. In your bank’s web account, please choose “Hong Kong SAR’ as Bank country and ‘Pay to FPS Identifier’ as Payment Method.

  2. Fill in the FPS ID. If the alias code is correct, the Payee name will automatically display as XHK LIMITED (CLIENT ACCOUNT).

  3. Enter the amount to transfer and your XHK client ID in the Bill refer

Mobile app

  1. In your application, please choose ‘Pay & Transfer’ then ‘FPS payment’.

  2. In ‘Transfer to’, please enter the FPS ID.

  3. Confirm the transfer details.

Bank of China


  1. In the menu, please choose ‘Banking’ and ‘Transfer/FPS’.

  2. Please select ‘New Beneficiary’ as Beneficiary and FPS ID as ‘Beneficiary Addressing Method’.

  3. Enter the FPS ID and your XHK Client ID in ‘Message to Beneficiary’.

Mobile app

  1. In the menu, please choose ‘Transfer/FPS’.

  2. Enter the FPS ID on the next step.

  3. Choose immediate transfer with ‘Now’ and complete the operation.


1. What is FPS?

Faster Payment System (FPS) is a real-time payment service that allows for instant cross-bank transfer 24/7, at no cost. Clients can send money with just an alias code.

2. How can I ensure that I’m depositing to the right address?

If you entered the alias codes 070494 (for HSBC) and 160299418 (for Bank of China) correctly, our name XHK LIMITED (CLIENT ACCOUNT) will show up as the payee.

3. How can I check that my deposit has been made successfully?

After you click ‘Confirm’ for the payment made with your bank, you’ll see the deposit in your Client’s Area and account. You may also get a confirmation from your payment bank. For more details, such as your payment history, feel free to contact your payment bank.

4. How do I deposit to XHK using FPS?

Please enter the correct alias code and the sum in HKD or CNY.

Make sure your depositing bank account is the same as registered with XHK

Please type your account number at XHK in the reference section, with no spaces or extra characters.

If you can’t see your deposit in the platform, please contact Support at [email protected]

5. I haven’t received my deposit yet. What could go wrong?

To ensure that deposits are received on the platform, please make the deposit with your designated bank account number and input your own XHK account number with no space and/or extra characters.

Please note that we do not accept third party deposits. They will be rejected and sent back to the depositor’s bank account.

Contact us

Any questions? Please contact our Support service at [email protected].

XHK does not accept fund remittance from/to a third party regardless of whether that third party is related to the account holder or not. Only fund remittance to/from the bank account registered under the account holder's name will be processed.

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