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Who We Are / 我们是谁

XHK Ltd is a newly established company that is headquartered in Hong Kong that will provide a wide range of financial services, using the EXANTE platform, to different clients that include corporations, financial institutions and accredited individuals.

XHK Ltd是一家总部位于香港,新成立的公司。本公司使用EXANTE平台,向包括企业,金融机构和认可个人在内的不同客户提供广泛的金融服务。

What We Do / 我们的服务

The financial services will be provided by XHK Ltd. The business will cover global securities trading, commodity and futures trading (pending approval by the SFC).

XHK Ltd.将提供金融服务。该业务将涵盖全球证券交易,商品和期货交易(待证监会批准)。

Why Us / 为何选择我们

One Account, Multi-Asset.  True Cross-Margining.

We will provide access to more than 50 major market exchanges, including New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Shanghai and Shenzhen Exchange, etc.